That dizzy feeling..

February 13, 2009 at 6:10 pm (Its all about me !)

It feels like a hangover!

Yeah its true that I don’t drink, but my encounters with people experiencing a hangover makes me feel this is how it must be. Its been more than two days now that I have been constantly feeling dizzy, sleepy, tired and all that you can associate with laziness or inactivity. And all this at a time when there’s lots to be done.

Class tests, last minute lectures, presentations, assignments, projects.. phew ! You name it and I have it in the pipeline. After having spent (rather wasted) one whole day in bed yesterday, I thought I’d be back to kickin’ some asses (that’s what I do best lol).  But little did I know that its still going to be an effort to even raise a finger!

So now I am wondering, should I see a doctor ? Well, if you don’t know it already, I hate taking medicines and I hate seeing a doc! But I guess if my already aching body does not show any signs of improvements then i’ll have to visit one.

Lets see what happens tomorrow then!



  1. mtaram said,

    well dude its not that u are ill or something to do with ur health… its i guess beacse of this bloody weather and the atmosphere around us… so just chill and keep kikkin the asses 🙂 spare mine plz..

  2. kunalbarot said,

    Yeah man.. I agree. The weather does suck, big time!

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